In a fast-paced world where we are all constantly on the go, with barely enough time to stop and think, we overlook things, miss things and things go unnoticed. It is now more important than ever to give ourselves spaces to pause and time to breathe.

My work invites us all to do this, by focusing on the minute details and encouraging people to examine the things which often go overlooked. I approach the moment of pause through working with textiles - a material which is so ingrained within our society yet is taken for granted. I apply theories of femininity and materiality to question its low status and aim to elevate it by changing the context of which it exists.

I focus on the structures of textile and present them in ways that give them space to breathe. My works exist as large-scale textile pieces,  explorative ceramic objects and also as detailed drawings, all created as an exploration of repetitive action. My works converse with each other and exist as a body, one that invites people to pause and reflect, taking time to slow down and exist.

Group Exhibitions

2020 Unfinished, RUG, Cardiff

2019 Interwoven, Shift, Cardiff

2019 Under The Counter Culture  (event by tactileBOSCH), Cardiff 

2019 Out of Line (as part of LLAWN Arts Festival, supported by tactileBOSCH), Llandudno

2019 HOTHOUSE, Cardiff MADE, Cardiff

2019 Empower Me, g39, Cardiff

2019 New Designers, Business Design Centre, London

2019 June Residencies, Shift, Cardiff

2019 Now That’s What I Call Maker 05 Degree Show, Cardiff Metropolitan University, Cardiff

2019 Maker, Craft in the Bay, Cardiff

2018 Affordable Art Auction, g39, Cardiff

2018 Vantage point, Made in Roath 2018, Cardiff

2018 Maker: The art of Process, Cardiff Metropolitan University, Cardiff

2018 Makers, Craft in the Bay, Cardiff


2019 Interwoven, Shift (November-December), Cardiff

2019 Shift (September), Cardiff

2019 HOTHOUSE (August), Cardiff MADE, Cardiff

2019 Shift (June), Cardiff


2019 Interwoven, with Heledd C. Evans, Sound Artist at Shift, Cardiff


2019 Interviewed Martin Parr on behalf of the National Museum Wales as part of the Photography Season: (film can be seen in the exhibition)

2019 R&D Residency, Shift: 

2018-2019 Guest on Pitch / Illustration / Radio on Radio Cardiff :


2016 - 2019  BA(Hons) Artist Designer: Maker, Cardiff Metropolitan University

2015 - 2016 UAL Art and Design Foundation Diploma Level 3, Warwickshire College